ISTD Ballet


Based on the ISTD syllabus our classes capture the essence and discipline of Ballet whilst ensuring students have fun learning a variety of steps and sequences that make up the Imperial Classical Ballet technique.

Street Dance


Our Street Dance Classes will introduce you to the core street styles, putting them into practice with exciting choreography, and helping dancers learn to improvise with confidence. 



Contemporary teaches you how to pull up, release, relax and loosen up the body. Our contemporary classes are a real chance to 'let go' and express yourself through dance - using a wide variety of well-known music. 

Freestyle Jazz


These classes are energetic, fun and full of turns, jumps and leaps! As dancers develop the classes become based more on Commercial Dance which is often shown by backing dancers on TV. 

Dance Workshop


Our workshop style classes makes the time disappear with a combination of games, warm ups and a combo of different dance styles – all in one session! 



These classes are reserved for students who are already taking classes with SCD. Emphasis is placed on learning dance routines for performance. 

Creative Dance


Children use their bodies creatively to depict different emotions, characters, shapes and concepts. A variety of music and props are used to give this class a real fun feel!

Ballet and Lyrical


This exciting combination class  gives  students the chance to  combine the strength and grace of Ballet with the fluidity and choreographic skills of creating lyrical routines.

Dance Inc.


The SCD Dance Inc. classes aim to offer young people with additional needs the opportunity to explore Creative Movement and Street Dance in a supportive, safe and stimulating atmosphere.