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The SCD '3 Step'

  SCD is about PARTICIPATION without barriers, 

EXPERIMENTATION without fear and 

TRANSFORMATION without limits…

1. Participation

    We value everyone, regardless. 

SCD  is stronger because of its diversity.  We value participation much more  than performance excellence. We genuinely mean it, everyone is welcome.

2. Experimentation

Timetables  and curriculum are very helpful but we are always open to new ideas.  Being stretched safely together and smashing barriers means adapting a  bit as we go along. We never get stale and always look to learn, build  and create together.

3. Transformation

We  don’t just tinker with a few dance steps, we create a place and a  programme focused on bringing individual and social change. When that  happens we celebrate with creative shows,  parties & awards. 


People Dancing


SCD is an independent organisation and being part of our brilliant professional body, People Dancing, helps us to continue to develop and grow.

Social Enterprise UK


SCD is a Community Interest Company. We exist for people not profit and we are glad this is recognised through us also being a certified social enterprise.

Arts Network Sutton


SCD is a proud member of Arts Network Sutton. ANS is all about shining a light on the diverse range of arts based actvitiy across the London Borough of Sutton.

St Nicholas Centre


Not only is the St Nicholas Centre Sutton our new home, its also our brilliant partner. We are working together to reinvigorate the heart & soul of Sutton

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