SCD - Dancing for Good


At SCD we know dance has an incredible power to change lives,

and today we can all start dancing for good...

We know this through reading published scientific studies as well as through people’s personal stories. 

Dancing can help you learn skills, gain confidence 

& improve your physical health.

Dancing with others makes us less stressed 

and more connected to our community.

Too many of us often feel isolated - 

young people wondering who their 'real' friends are in a digital world and many older people finding the TV is often their only companion.

Dance goes deeper. 

As we learn to dance with each other we also learn to notice more, to celebrate our differences & uniqueness but also to focus more on how we can work together to make life more colourful.

Dance is a gift not to just impress others but to share with others and to change our world.

Whatever our age we can all begin the journey in dancing for good.

our values

The SCD '3 Step'

The SCD '3 Step'

The SCD '3 Step'

  SCD is about PARTICIPATION without barriers, EXPERIMENTATION without fear and TRANSFORMATION without limits…

1. Participation

The SCD '3 Step'

The SCD '3 Step'

    We value everyone, regardless. 

SCD is stronger because of its diversity.  We value participation much more than performance excellence. We genuinely mean it, everyone is welcome.

2. Experimentation

2. Experimentation

2. Experimentation

Timetables and curriculum are very helpful but we are always open to new ideas. Being stretched safely together and smashing barriers means adapting a bit as we go along. We never get stale and always look to learn, build and create together.

3. Transformation

2. Experimentation

2. Experimentation

We don’t just tinker with a few dance steps, we create a place and a programme focused on bringing individual and social change. When that happens we celebrate with creative shows,  parties & awards. 


Check out this great video that inspires us SCD teachers.