Gemma Bonner


Gemma is Co-Director of SCD responsible for developing the quality programme and teachers. She has a BA(Hons) in Contemporary Dance from 

Caroline Howard


Caroline has taught dance professionally for over 20 years, studying and teaching various dance styles throughout her career. She is a Fellow of the IDTA.

Joanna Knight


Joanna teaches dance in local schools & community settings. From ballet to street she just loves helping people catch the passion for dance. Joanna is a practitioner. 

Ella Harle


Ella is a  qualified dance teacher,  a personal trainer & Sports Therapist. She has a passion for supporting young people with SEN and is the founder of our Dance Inc. classes.

Emily Cotter


Emily has a BA (Hons) in Dance performance from, loves  contemporary dance & aims to create fun, exciting and engaging dance classes where students feel safe to express their own creativity.

Adam Bonner


Adam is the [unpaid] Co-Director of SCD with responsibility for strategy and marketing. His day job is Director at Youth United Foundation He has very limited dance skills but looking to improve.


Sarah Costerton


Sarah is passionate about health and full access to life for all people regardless of our biology. Previously a qualified nurse, Sarah is a busy mum and campaigner for people with SEN through

Daniel Ayeni


Dan is well known in Sutton for his passion for working with the whole community and for using sport as a great gift to bring social change. Dan is Community Action Lead with 

Tamara Burnell


Tamara is an experienced head of investment within major investment firms. She is an activist for equality and diversity in both business and sport, championing inclusive activities such as korfball, and has a special interest in SEND and neurodiversity.

Mary Maguire


Mary is a local entrepreneur running a small but growing local business in Sutton, as well as being a busy mum, community champion and school PTA member.

Graeme Hodge


Graeme is an activist for social justice and equality. He is the CEO of a faith based global development non profit. He believes in creating space for everyone to contribute & enjoy building community together.

Vanessa Fox


Vanessa is a local primary school teacher experienced in working with children & young people from a variety of backgrounds. She has been involved In various community based sports programmes particularly dance, fitness & gymnastics.